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"As a Northwest Indiana business owner with several locations throughout the Midwest, I have found that using Midwest Air Link is one of the smartest moves I've made.

Whether I am attending a meeting with a customer, checking on an operation, or visiting a new facility, I can arrive at the location without having to leave home at a ridiculously early hour.  By flying with Midwest Air Link, I am refreshed and ready for a productive day when I get to my location, instead of feeling stressed and tired when I get there.  Believe me, being fresh results in more improved negotiating power for whatever business I may be conducting.

The efficiency of private flying is important to me also.  In these days of long airport security lines and the distance I am from a commercial airline terminal, the fact that I can have a ten minute drive to the airport, no lines to deal with, as well as the professional treatment I receive at Midwest Air Link, is a tremendous asset for me.

Besides that, Dorothy loves to fly."

- Sam Raich III, President
  Eagle Services Corp.


"Midwest Air Link has assisted JGA with our intermediate air travel for our clients for over a year now.  They are consistently friendly, responsive, on time, reliable, professional.  We recommend them."

- Ted Grossnickle
  Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates


"Thank you, flight was wonderful as usual and saved me loads of time. I look forward to more travel in the near future as I have several hospital assessments to perform around the country. Be well and pass along my best to Capt. John Slegers."

- Larry Yurko
  Owner, Landmark Signs