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Charter Flights

Chartering a flight is not as challenging as you may believe.  In fact, those who charter, rarely return to standard airlines.

What is a charter flight?

A charter flight, or air charter, is a flight scheduled, or “chartered”, for a specific journey. In other words, when chartering air flights, you are not at the mercy of the airline schedule. Instead, a chartered aircraft can be scheduled at the convenience of the traveler, allowing for greater flexibility when traveling. This is only one of the advantages of chartering your own air flight. Keep reading for more!

What are the advantages of Charter Flights?

As mentioned above, one of the greatest advantages of aircraft charter services is the flexibility in scheduling. An air charter can be scheduled at your convenience to meet your travel schedule! In addition, when you charter an air flight, you can take away the crowds and inconveniences of airline scheduled flights. Air charters allow you to schedule your own air flight at your own convenience on your own plane! No more wandering from gate to gate or standing in line at the baggage claim. An aircraft charter allows you to walk right to your plane and insures that your baggage is quickly and securely put on board. And lost luggage? A thing of the past with a chartered flight. Your bags travel with you or are safely stowed in the back of the plane.

Chartering air flights also allows you to choose from many different airports, not only those offered by a given airline at a given time. A chartered flight has the advantage of taking you to the airport closest to your destination, adding to the time saved by skipping airport crowds, baggage checks, and simply waiting for your scheduled flight.

Air charters also offer privacy not found on regularly scheduled flights. No more crowding into the middle seat, or getting knocked out by another passenger squeezing in and out of the seats. Chartering an aircraft also allows you space to work, converse, or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

An aircraft charter service allows for increased efficiency, flexibility in scheduling, increased privacy and convenience. So what are you waiting for? Charter your air flight now!

How do I charter a flight?

It cannot be more simple. To charter a flight with MidWest Air Link simply use the Quote Request section found on the left side of this page, and other pages, on the MidWest Air Link website. Choose from Round Trip, One Way or Multi-Leg air flights. Choose your origin and destination cities along with the departure and return dates and times. Then fill in the number of passengers and pets (yes, our aircraft charters are pet friendly, one more added advantage!) and click on “Get Quote!”

An itinerary and cost calculation will then be sent to you through an email link. Simply log in to review the costs and accept the itinerary. A customer service representative will then contact you via email or telephone to set up payment. You have just chartered a flight!

Of course, MidWest Air Link representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the process. Simply visit the Contact Us page on the website if you would like additional information on chartering air flights.