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Winter Blahs? Charter a Flight for Some Summer Fun!
Jan 17, 2011

It’s that time of the year again in the Midwest.  Snow, snow and, oh yeah, snow!  The holidays are over, but the winter weather continues.  Believe it or not, some places actually have temperatures above freezing this time of the year!  Chicago charter flights are a great way to catch a break from the cold!



Charter Flight Destination:  Heat!



MidWest Air Link lets you choose the date, time, origin and destination of your charter flight.   How about some golf at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina?  Average temperature of right around sixty degrees in February.  Sounds good to me right now!  And the hassle of taking your clubs with you?  Not a problem on a charter flight!  Simply bring ‘em on the plane!



Golf take too much energy this time of the year?  OK, why not charter a flight a little more to the south and lay on the beaches around Jacksonville, Florida.  Average high temperature in February of about sixty seven degrees.  


Sounds even better to me!  Of course, Jacksonville still offers golf or even a possible football game if it’s possible to get bored with lying on a beach in mid-winter!  So bring the clubs on your chartered flight just in case!



Or you could charter a flight to...Go West, young man (or lady!).  I hear New Orleans has quite a festival around February, take in some of the best jazz musicians in the world, feast on some Cajun cuisine and partake in what some call the most unique city in the world. 


Average February high temperature…….sixty-six degrees!  Chartering an air flight will also allow you to take or bring back as many beads as you deem necessary!



The point is, it’s winter in the Midwest.  It’s cold.  Everyone needs a break!  Schedule a Chicago charter flight with Midwest Air Link today at the time and destination of your choosing, and thaw out!