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Business Tools: The Aircraft Charter?
Jan 11, 2011

Yes, chartering flights can be a crucial tool for the business traveler.  Anyone who travels for work - whether to meet clients, to meet suppliers or simply to check on the progress of a business deal - knows the importance of being available.  It can be the difference between closing a deal and losing a deal.  Midwest Air Link can assist you with that availability.


Air charters allow the flexibility of booking a flight on short notice.  Find out Monday that you need a Chicago flight on Friday?  Now you have to find a flight that will get you to your destination and back in a timely manner.  Business at home will not stop simply because you are in flight!

Book a regularly scheduled flight and it's a near certainty that you will have some down time at the airport or hotel because the airline schedule just does not fit perfectly with your business schedule.  A Chicago air charter allows a simple solution.  Get your quote from Midwest Air Link for the date, time and destination of your choosing.  Walk right up to your chartered flight and hop on board!  Take care of business and your chartered flight will be waiting to take you back home.  Sounds simple right?  That's because it is - an aircraft charter is a tool for your business travel.


In addition to allowing you flexibility in scheduling, aircraft charter services allow you the convenience of avoiding large crowds, long delays, and time consuming check-in processes.  Your chartered flight will allow you the opportunity for preparation on the go.  Your luggage will arrive and disembark from the chartered flight with you!  No waiting, no hassles, no problems.

No need to wait for a boarding call with an aircraft charter.  Simply arrive at the origin of your choice and get on board!  Did you bring more than two bags to your chartered flight?  Not a problem, they will go on the plane with you to the destination that you chose.  Ticket?  Boarding pass?  Are you at the right gate?  Are you running late?  Stop already, we're talking about YOUR plane and YOUR flight.  With an aircraft charter these worries are gone, leaving you to focus on the business at hand.  Once on board the chartered flight, you have the freedom to simply relax and enjoy the flight, or, GET TO WORK!

Pull out the blueprints, double check the quote, review the key players names.  Your chartered flight will allow you to work without the distraction of a passenger at each elbow, crying babies, or aerophobes gripping your arm at every ounce of turbulence!


Need to visit more than one location on your chartered business flight?  MidWest Air Link's easy charter flight planner will allow you to simply charter multi-leg trips with all the added incentives listed above.  Think of an aircraft charter flight as an "air-taxi"!  Your charter flight will be waiting for you at each and every location of your choosing.

Finally, if you're in business, you know that time is money.  Business related air charters can be a tax write off!  Ask your accountant or lawyer about your ability to write off chartered flights used for business purposes!