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Chartered Air Flights Can Get You Home (Quickly!) For The Holidays.
Dec 05, 2010

Air travel can always be hectic, whether for business or pleasure, we have all heard the horror stories of being stuck in the airport in Chicago, waiting for a flight to arrive or depart. Add to that the holiday travel schedule and air flights are simply fun for no one.

 Most holiday travelers are on a schedule, which they have to mold around scheduled air flights. This year, 1.8 million travelers were expected at Chicago airports during the week of Thanksgiving. How many of those 1.8 million passengers were able to schedule their flight at the time that they wanted or needed? Sorry, I could find no statistic on that one, but I feel pretty safe in saying it was not a high percentage of air flight passengers.

So how can you avoid those 1.8 million people and schedule a Chicago air flight that is both convenient and efficient? Well, if you’re reading this, you probably already know the answer. MidWest Air Link offers Chicago charter flights out of all of the Chicagoland airports (Midway, DuPage, Chicago Executive, O’Hare, etc.) while also offering chartered flights at other nearby airports, like the airports in Valparaiso and Indianapolis in Indiana.

Of course, these are only a few of the many airport options available from MidWest Air Link, but right now we’re just trying to do our part to help out those 1.8 million Thanksgiving air flight passengers who will likely be back on a Chicago air flight for Christmas!

A Chicago charter flight will get you in the air, at the time you choose, to the destination you choose, without having to deal with 1.8 million fellow air flight passengers! (Not even one million other air flight passengers, we promise!) Imagine walking up to your own Chicago charter flight, stepping on the plane and heading home for the holidays while other passengers stand in line waiting to get through baggage claim, waiting for their boarding call, waiting for delayed planes, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Charter a Chicago flight today (or any other point of origin) with MidWest Air Link and REALLY be home for the holidays, on your terms.