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Top Golf Charter Destination in US - Wisconsin
Sep 22, 2010

Recently, The Air Charter Journal published an article that ranked the top 5 golf destinations chosen by their clients.  Any guesses at number one? 

The American Club in Koehler, Wisconsin.  This golf course backs right up to picturesque views of Lake Michigan; and will also host the 2010 PGA Championship.  We took a look at their web site, and just the pics alone are worth the click.  Obviously, golf is not the only experience to absorb in Kohler Country, as the list of phenomenal experiences includes dining and 4 Star spas (apparently, the only 4 star spa in the Mid-West).

Since hundreds of air charter companies fly to this destination each year, it's a wonder why the organization does not simply insert an executive airport.  However, airplane charters seek out Sheboygan, WI as the landing zone.

Golf digest has ranked four of its courses in the top 100 for both 2009 and 2010.  We have provided a link to their pricing information here.  Chartering an airplane from Chicago to Sheboygan is essentially a few ticks on the watch - incredibly quick.  We thought we would post this for our golf loving customers since the # 1 spot in the US is essentially in our back yard.